To protect the public with respect to all of our customers, our company is committed to the utmost care and prudence in dealing with contemporary historical items from the era of the Third Reich. Our company does not seek to glorify any aspect of the Third Reich. We do not endorse fascism, racism, or fundamentalism of any kind. The depicted items from the Third Reich serve only the purposes of civic information, defense of unconstitutional efforts, art, science, research or teaching, and current affairs or history, and are auctioned merely as artifacts.

If you are a customer who resides in Germany, by owning this catalogue you agree to the above in accordance with (§§ 86 a, 86 StGB). Our company accepts bids only from those German citizens who are committed to strict compliance of this statute.

Similarly, if you are a customer who resides in a country with statutes restricting the purchase, sale, shipment, import, possession, etc. of these historical items, you agree that you are solely responsible for knowing and complying with the laws of your government.

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