Company history

The auction house Andreas Thies e.K. was founded in 1985 as a „ Kommanditgesellschaft“. Until 1991 regular auction sales of high quality Orders, Medals and Decorations as well as Military Antiques have been held. In the following years we have specialized in dealing with Orders and Medals as well as Military Collectibles of the highest quality and issued several hard cover fully colour illustrated sale catalogues which can still be obtained.The auction sale of Memorabilia from the German World War I Fighter Ace Oswald Boelcke, held on May 16 th 2001 at Stuttgart Airport, will be the new start for a series of auctions beeing currently planned. Apart from this sale we hold a large number of high quality Orders and Medals in stock and will be pleased to assist you in completing your collection. We also will continue to issue our regular fixeed price sale catalogues which will be available both, printed and on the internet. Please feel free to contact us.

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